Imagine this:

A bustling, successful 3 doc primary care practice that sees patients regularly throughout the day. In the midst of patient scheduling, ordering supplies and managing the day to day ins and outs of such a busy practice, your office manager misses the revalidation notice for Medicare, and suddenly you aren’t being paid by one of your largest carriers!

If you’re doing your math correctly, you are losing almost 35% of your revenue each month!

What do you do now?

Option 1: Your office manager does their best to get the info together, but missing info extends revenue losses as an incomplete application can add an additional 60-90 days to process since carriers will not process an incomplete application. Worst case scenario, your office manager fails to respond to a request for additional information in a timely fashion, and Medicare completely rejects the application, making you start the whole, painful process over again.

Option 2: What If you had a company that did this for you? What if they received the notice and started the process, and had everything taken care of before it became a problem? What if you had a company that proactively tracked your revalidation dates, ensured that all needed forms and information were on file and up to date so that when that revalidation period came, you wouldn’t miss a beat?

Up to 85% of credentialing applications are submitted incomplete or with clerical errors, causing a major revenue lag, as well as loss. We can help!


VRS has an experienced team who can expertly take your practice through the entire credentialing process. We understand that each practice is different, and we adapt to your credentialing needs to help you receive your maximum reimbursement so that you can focus on your patients instead of paperwork.