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VRS-RCM_2At VRS, we offer a variety of short and long term deliverables scaled to meet your medical billing needs. We know your medical practice has many variables and unexpected change, so we make sure our Revenue Cycle Management services are flexible and tailored to where you need it most. Our one constant for every customer is the personalized guidance and support from our seasoned management team and clinical revenue management services.

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Our Revenue Cycle Management Allows:


Healthcare providers continue to struggle to balance time between administrative tasks and spending quality time with patients. Our RCM software ensures you remain focused on your patients.


Medical practices are finding it more difficult to increase profitability in a climate where declining reimbursements have become an unpleasant trend. Our team helps ensure fewer billing errors and claim rejections to enhance your profitability.


With the complexities of managing billing and medical accounts receivable on the rise, the need for dedicated, highly trained staff is at a premium. Our VRS team ensures you have top-of-the-line staff managing your A/R needs.


Internal and external factors such as staff turnover and regulatory changes can impact cash flow and cause A/R delays for your medical practice. Our team makes sure your business stays aligned with your end goal, and ensures reimbursement capture when you encounter these challenges and more.


91.5 % Net Collection Rate
4.5% Cost to Collect
30Days in A/R
14% of accounts receivable > 90 days

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Janet Ianucci


Mary Sue Winland


Heather Bowland


Lauren Cicchitto


  • Our Revenue Cycle Management Solution enhances your medical revenue cycle management by improving your reimbursement cycle. We’ll teach you best practices to keep you on the right track so you don’t lose focus on the most important aspect of your business – your patients.


Practices are always seeking to improve their approach to managing claim denials. In order to do so, invest in an effective program that prevents denials and ensures maximum revenue recoup. Failing to do so can result in missing opportunities to strengthen revenue integrity and speed up your cash flow. Virtual Revenue Solutions can help with the perfect

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Providers across the country are working to manage claim denials and prevent loss of revenue. To aid in this effort, focus on the revenue cycle team's success. For denials management, develop a strategy to help your team even more. Be sure to provide guidance and set goals for your

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Large providers that are merging should consider partnering with one revenue cycle management service provider. While it may seem counterintuitive to stop using separate RCM processes, using a single revenue cycle management solution will drastically increase efficiency while decreasing errors to save money in the long

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Be sure to stop by our booth!

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Be sure to stop by our booth!

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Be sure to stop by our booth! Dates: September 13-14, 2018 Location: Beaver Run Resort 620 Village Road Breckenridge, CO 80424 Event Website:

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